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Class Levels  

Level 1 new to yoga

This class level teaches you the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga and has strong emphasis on alignment, safety and how to move between poses.  Classes are designed in this level to stretch and destress through longer holds and in a non-heated room.


Class: Gentle, Restorative, Slow Flow, Yin


Temperature: Lunar (non-heated)




Level 1.5 – done some yoga

These class are medium paced and offer modifications for individual needs.  Open to practitioners of many levels of experience, these classes offer the widest variety and will both strengthen and stretch you in fun and exciting ways


Class: Power, Vinyasa, Prana Flow, Pilates


Temperature: Both Solar (heated) & Lunar (non-heated)




Level 2 – experienced yogi

This class level incorporates advanced and complex poses: arm balances, backbends, long inversions, pranayama and bandha practice.  The pace of the class offers a variety of either moving faster than other class levels through intermediate poses, or offer long, heating holds in postures.  Advanced breathing exercises, kriyas, and other advanced elements of the yoga practice may apply.


Class: Power, Prana, Ashtanga, Budokon


Temperature: Solar (heated)



Class Schedule
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Class Descriptions

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngVinyasa Flow: Linking poses and breathing together in a seamless flow, Vinyasa Flow classes are integrating fluid asanas with breath and offer a creative sequence.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngPower Flow: A challenging, heating and endurance-based vinyasa approach, emphasizing stamina and strict cues, faster pace breath count and longer holds.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngPrana Flow: An innovative and dynamic approach, this class creates a state of flow with complex sequencing, fluid mandalas, “sahaja” spontaneous, free movement and dance - a creative approach for practitioners embodying the flow on and off the mat.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngAshtanga Flow: Based on the Ashtanga primary series by Pattabhi Jois incorporating warrior postures, triangles, arm balances, deep twists and generous breath work, this class will speak to intermediate to advanced practitioners. A challenging class that will take your existing practice to the next level. No music.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngGentle Flow:  Gentle Flow offers an opportunity to slow down and refresh from fatigue and tension with gentle asana, movement and meditation. Allow your body and mind to unwind through a slower paced class set to relaxing and calming music.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngSlow Flow: Guided by detailed vinyasa technique and alignment instructions, this class moves at a slower tempo with longer holds and incorporates alignment and safety.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngRestorative Yoga: This class uses props to support the body and melts away physical and mental tension. Each pose releases the muscles and deeply held tension in different areas of the body by using blankets, blocks and other yoga props in seated and reclining poses.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngBudokon:  A fusion of yoga and martial arts, Budokon classes include spinal rolling, floating, ground fighting techniques and the ever-popular animal movements are accessible to seasoned yogis & those with some experience.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngYin Yoga: Yin Yoga is a slow and deep practice focused on the connective tissue and joints.  Seated and reclined postures will be held from 1-5 minutes.  Emphasis on slowing down, focusing and breathing, no yoga experience is required.

studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngPilates: Pilates focuses on building strength from the core outward. With this specific core focus, the participant gains body awareness, improves posture and can work around injuries.


studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngMeditation: Meditation is the ancient art of quieting the internal dialogue of the mind, allowing for joy, clarity, and calmness. It is a powerful tool to improve overall health and well being on physical, mental and emotional levels.


studio_dc_lotus_bullet_white_back.pngBeginners: A class for students of any age, shape or size, no experience or flexibility required. Emphasis on proper alignment and foundational aspects of yoga, helping students prepare and proceed to intermediate levels.


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