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Hawaii Yoga Retreat - 2010

Join Katja Brandis for a blissful week of yoga, resting and relaxing in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Enjoy Hawaii’s nurturing beauty and live inside the outdoors in paradise -- green and lush where time is slow and easy. "Tune up" your health with alternative healing methods like tai chi, chi gong and massage. The sun filled days will draw to a close with evening asana, yoga trance dance, beach fires, drumming, kirtan, somatic healing sessions and more. More info



Himalayan Adventures - 2010

Our yoga adventure will begin in the Holy City of Vrindavan. This is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus world wide as it is the birth place of Lord Krishna. Vrindavan is home to over 5000 temples, large and small. Sacred chanting resonates throughout this town, and it is full of color, ritual, sound, and deep spiritual culture. It a place of mystical importance and can be said to be the "Heart Alter" of Bhakti yogis; those who follow the Path Of Devotion.

The journey will later lead to the Himalayan Mountains,home to yogis and spiritualists since time immemorial.  Mt Kailash, which is situated in the Himalayas, is said to be the home of Lord Shiva and his eternal consort Parvati.  They are widely know as the first yoga teacher and the first yoga student, and are believed by some to be the Divine Source of all Energy and the Divine Energetic.  Their spiritual shakti is vibrating throughout the whole region. From a naturalist's perspective,  mountains are an ideal place for meditation and reflection, as they provide a tranquil setting, far away from India’s typical intense level of hustle and bustle.   More info


The Inner Journey Retreat - TBD

The Inner Journey is a three-day journey into awareness. The weekend is experiential and introspective, using eastern and western approaches. The retreat promises to catapult you into a deep sense of inner fulfillment and new levels of peace and acceptance. Take a break from your busy life and give three days to yourself to reflect, explore, nourish and recharge yourself.  More info








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