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Our Prenatal Program




Preparing for Birth with Yoga


The practice of yoga can prepare you for the challenges of childbirth and empower you during your pregnancy and the journey into motherhood. Our program is designed for pregnant women (all stages welcome) and addresses many informative topics preparing you for an easier childbirth.

Learn breathing techniques, birthing positions, empowering birth affirmations, visualizations and comfort measures during nourishing classes taught by Katja Brandis, certified prenatal yoga teacher, birth doula, childbirth educator and hypnobirthing instructor.

Pain coping and tension release exercises are included in each class. Informative handouts about the different stages of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum recovery are available after each class. Click here for more information and "Preparing for Birth" topics.

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The Instructor

Katja Brandis has been working with expectant mothers and couples for the past 10 years, supporting more than 3,000 women and families in the Washington DC area. Katja is a certified prenatal yoga instructor, childbirth educator, infant massage instructor, birth and postpartum doula as well as hypnobirthing instructor. She founded Child Birth Care in 2001, an organization that trains professionals in the reproductive field and supports women and families in the Washington DC area with birthing classes and doula support, lactation and postpartum consultation, infant CPR and newborn care and much more. Katja's birthing classes have been featured by Fox Television, Washington Post and Washington Times.

Since 1999, it has been her goal to provide encouragement to expectant woman and families; for women to trust in their ability to birth, to provide tools to women striving for a satisfying birth experience, and to provide timely information that encourages wise choices and empower women to become part of the decision-making process. She has served as a birth doula in all Washington metro area hospitals and also assisted home births and water births. Under Katja's leadership Child Birth Care has seen tremendous growth over the past 8 years offering advanced training in optimal fetal positioning, turning babies inutero as well as birth 'rehearsals" practicing labor comfort measures and guided relaxation techniques. Katja offers privates and phone consultations. Her greatest joy is to empower women to have a better birth experience and to give babies the best possible start in life, both wonderful beginnings for a loving and thriving family.






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