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The Founder


Katja Brandis is a yoga teacher trainer, perinatal educator and entrepreneur and has been recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and featured by Fox TV, Voice of America, American University Radio, the Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, and the Washington Times. She has been a presenter at the Green Festival and the Truman Foundation and Washingtonian Magazine voted Katja one of the 25 Beautiful People in Washington DC. Her experience and training in the somatic healing arts span over 20 years. 

After postgraduate work in International Affairs, Katja came to Washington DC initially to work for Senator Carol Moseley Braun, the first African American woman elected to the US Senate, then continued her career in public policy at the World Bank. Hard wired and driven, she lived the familiar Washingtonian stressed out life for eight years: racing from meeting to meeting, skipping lunches, lacking exercise and time to unwind, clocking 14 hour work days in the office.

After Katja was diagnosed with several manifestations of an unhealthy and frantic lifestyle, -stress induced autoimmune disease and early stages of cancer, she left her tenure position as a corporate strategy associate and never looked back. A life changing event, she healed her body with alternative medicine, yoga and meditation which inspired her to create a venture that teaches healing and holistic living. With a desire to bring accessible modalities to other stressed out Washingtonians, she conceived two entrepreneurial outcomes both cubicle and shoe free, Child Birth Care in 2001 and Studio Serenity in 2004.












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