Unlimited Yoga



  • Unlimited monthly yoga classes.
  • Discounts on studio workshops.
  • Convenient monthly auto-draft from credit card or personal checking account.
  • Activation: First and last month payment required to start program.
  • Optional 2 week inactive status - for vacations, business travel.
  • Terminate your membership at will with a 30 day written notification. 
  • Come as often as you want to any regularly yoga class.

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Terms of Membership Agreement

(1) First and last month's membership dues are required up front with a valid credit or debit card only and will not be refunded under any circumstances. 

(2) Students may freeze their yoga pass for one (1) month out of every year, the first time being eight (8) months after membership commencement date. During this time a student will not be able to attend classes without payment.  This option will only be rewarded when requested with 15 days prior notice by e-mail.

(3) Members are required to sign up for a minimum of six (6) months, after which the membership will continue to auto renew on a month to month basis until the member informs the studio the desire to cancel membership.  If member terminates contract for any reason before the end of the minimum number of months of membership agreement, the member will pay a $160 penalty fee (which is the equivalent of a one month unlimited yoga pass). This fee will be drawn from credit/debit card used at the time of sign up.

(4) For cancellation: the member must notify the Studio at least 30 days prior to next auto draft in writing or via email to yoga@studioserenity.com (please put “Yoga Membership” as subject heading of email). We do not accept phone, verbal, or voice mail cancellations. In turn, the Studio will send a confirmation via email after the changes have been made to your membership.

(5) To receive the full-time college student rate, a person must be attending a local college within the greater Washington DC metro area for a minimum of 12 credits per semester (graduate students also accepted).  Students are required to bring in a copy of their unofficial transcript or formal enrollment for classes being taken each semester.  A valid college photo ID is also required and rates will only be applied after all required documentation has been properly turned in to an official staff member of the Studio. Students have one week from original commencement date of contract to turn in all required documentation, failure to do so will result in the student rate being dropped, and the adult rate will take into effect for the duration of the contract.

(6)  Full time college students who wish to continue membership under the student rate must turn in the same documentation listed above at the beginning each semester.  Failure to submit do so will result in the adult rate taking into effect.

(7) All rates and fees are final upon commencement and agreement of membership unless there is a failure to meet the requirements listed above.






Monthly rate: $89/mo

Student rate: $69/mo







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